Our Changing World

My second week began in Ludlow again where I started to catalogue all the photographs that I had taken the week before.  I shot a cross-section of the collection and now had to view the images, make sure they were representative of the subject, label them with the appropriate number and species name as well as record all of that on paper.  The aim is to link the photographs to the database so that one can see at glance what we have in the collection, as well as keeping a photo-record.  The goal is one day to have the entire collection online for everyone to browse.

I also got shown the Museum on the Move (MoM) van, which is a customisable, drivable museum that visits schools and hospices.  The next exhibition is called ‘Our Changing World’ which has a subtle emphasis on extinction: animals which are, or are on their way to, dying out.  Luckily there is a large dinosaur component to it, which means I can finally go on and on about something I am passionate and unashamedly knowledgeable about.  Instead of people rolling their eyes or yawning, they actually write things down!  I could get used to this.

I worked with some volunteers, discussing how we could use the specimens from the collection, as well as some beautiful replicas, to illustrate how the organisms on this planet have changed over time.  In addition to extinct dinosaurs, trilobites, squirrels and crocodiles are also featured, among others.  These creatures will hopefully communicate to children and adults alike, the threats (and fate) facing all species; whether they died out several hundred million years ago, a few dozen million years, or are currently teetering on the brink.  What role have we played in some of the recent victims?  What can we do to help?

Any thoughts?

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