Prologue: A Year Abroad

After working and volunteering at the Natural History Museum in London for over three and a half years I fancied a change and spent some time in Canada.  Having decided to take a year out and explore my options in a new environment, I spent my time there concentrating on those areas that I had previously been unable to.  Some highlights were taking part in the Toronto Film Festival, exhibiting some of my photography and travelling in and around Canada and the US.  I was fortunate to get a principal photographer position for a children’s Hockey camp over the summer.  I also managed to work for the government as a proof-reader and editor.  It was while working here, shortly before returning to the UK, that it occurred to me to search for some work back home, in preparation.

I opened Google and typed ‘Hereford jobs’.  The top result was the Herefordshire Council job page and since I was working for the government in Canada there might be a cross-over.  The first position I saw was ‘Biology Curatorial Trainee’.  I clicked on it instantly and read (and re-read) the description and criteria.  It’s the kind of opportunity I’d been waiting for; I had to apply immediately.

In order to attend the interview, I had to cut my trip six weeks short.  It was a hard decision but I am now very glad I did. I was planning on moving to Hereford anyway, so count myself very lucky that I was able to get a dream position in my desired location.

The traineeship would begin by my attending the annual NatSCA conference, this year held in Newcastle at the Great North Museum, Hancock.


Any thoughts?

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