“Every wall is a door.”

In this case, a door to what a room in someone’s house, going back hundreds of years, may have looked like.  A group of us from the Hereford Museum Resource & Learning Centre were kindly allowed to visit this room.

Above a shop in Hereford, the manager of said shop has discovered layer upon layer of wallpaper decorating the walls.  They are all patterned and different and the last layer of paper (i.e. the oldest) is a light pink with hand-printed green florals.  It’s beautiful: you can still see the marks of the stamp.

Another, even more exciting, discovery is that beneath that layer of paper (which you can see a bit of above) is the stone wall which has been hand-painted, including a border.  You can see some of the hand-painted areas in these pictures, especially the borders at the top of the wall.

In the picture below, you can see some more recent wallpaper with the corner peeled away revealing some of the original wall painting.  The painting was dated back to the 1600s and repeatedly papered over since.

Luckily this was all found in a building owned by someone who cares enough to see it preserved or restored.  Many would have simply destroyed it.  It’s amazing that things like this are still waiting to be discovered.

Any thoughts?

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