“Carving is a way of freeing the spirit – my own and that of the wood”

This week I helped take down the latest exhibition that was on in the Hereford art gallery: prints from wood engravers. There was a whole range of images from across the world that had to be taken down.  You can see “Detail from Mug with Feathers” by Angie Lewin, below:

Three of us took the framed prints down off the wall, making sure they were correctly labelled and protected before boxing them up ready for transportation. 

Although not natural history related, it was a good way to learn about procedures involved in takin an exhibition down, ready for the next one.  This was quite a simple installation, but the next looks like it will be a bit more complicated. 

I’m looking forward to seeing the next installation. The new exhibition that is going up over the next few days is called ‘Take One‘ and features work from local schools and colleges that centres around Hereford Museum’s Sturgeon, Svetlana. Who knows what kind of pieces we will be mounting on the walls, or placing in the gallery.

Any thoughts?

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