Rowley’s House

Last week I had quite a busy one.  I wasn’t in either Ludlow or Hereford at all, and found myself too busy to blog.  The week started with my going to Shrewsbury for training in the database and catalogue system used by Shropshire museums.  The next day I visited Darwin’s birthplace again, this time to see the museum itself.  It was really cool: the building dates from around 1500 and had some very interesting exhibits.

I got the opportunity to chat to Peter Boyd, a (now-retired) curator at Shrewsbury museum.  He proved to be a font of  knowledge and his career is inspiring. He was also able to suggest a few projects I could get involved in over the next 11 months.

My visit ended with sitting in on a meeting between the museum staff and an artist who was commissioned to co-design parts of the museum’s new home.  It’s great that museums can be involved with artists from all over the world and bring cutting-edge ideas to century-old collections.

Any thoughts?

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