My Favourite Object, by Russell Dornan

I’ve been asked to choose my favourite object in Ludlow and the reasons for why.  Mine, along with Daniel’s and maybe some others, will be submitted to the magazine, Shropshire Life.  We’ve been asked to supply photographs as well so I took one of my favourite specimen but Daniel also took one of me with the specimen. I hope they choose the former… Here it is (excuse the cheesy prose):


“My favourite object in the Ludlow collection is a taxidermy red fox specimen.  Vulpes vulpes is a fascinating animal due in part to its habits (shyness, intelligence, resourcefulness and the propensity for concealment) and in part to the mythological characteristics attributed to it (witty, sly, plundering, vengeful, mysterious, calculating and magical). Unusually for stuffed carnivores, this particular specimen is an alert, composed and, therefore, more realistic representation of its species; a more natural depiction than one of bared teeth and dripping muzzle.  These beautiful, opportunistic mammals have been persecuted by man for centuries despite being a public favourite and, for some, the poster species for British fauna.  This example has been skilfully mounted in a rocky setting, lending it a more true-to-life tone.  My love of foxes and the style/quality of this particular specimen are the reasons why it is my favourite object.”


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