“The daily grind of hard work gets a person polished.”

I haven’t blogged for ages. Over the past couple of weeks I have pretty much been cracking on with several projects that I have already written about.  Since I hadn’t made any significant progress
in those areas (at least not any that you’d care about) I thought I’d save my next post for the next bit of news.

I arrived in Glasgow yesterday afternoon with the intention of visiting the Hunterian museum (Glasgow University’s museum).  They hold material there from Chapman (my beetle guy; he was born and raised in Glasgow).  I came to see that material; look for similarities between theirs and ours; and to see whether or not I could glean extra information and explain a few riddles.  The timing is good because
the Zoology museum is busy moving their collections from the previous location (all over the place, usually not climate-controlled) and into areas that are more suited to housing a delicate and important natural history collection.  I am helping with this. I already have.

Today I started my three-day ‘work experience’ at the Hunterian.  I arrived and saw Maggie Riley again (a very good egg and all-round lovely person I met at the NatSCA conference back in March).  We had a cuppa and caught up before I met Geoff Hancock (a thoroughly eggy-bread).  I got a wee tour of the museum and shown where the material was being moved to, as well as being introduced to Fergus, a (real) work experience lad.  There was a lot to do.

We started by emptying cabinets full of long horn beetles and stacking the drawers.  Then we carried the cabinets through the museum to their new location on some roller racking.  Then we had to fetch the drawers two at a time.  It was hot and stuffy in the  museum (the weather is beautiful up here, as always) and since each cabinet holds 20 drawers and there were nearly 10 cabinets…

I got to see some lush beetles and butterflies, though.  Pictures of moving and drawers and beetles are shown below.

Fergus and I were tasked with another job.  In the new spirit collection store there were a few shelved areas that needed to be measured and compartmentalised as well as some new shelves that had to be added.

In between all of these activities I enjoyed lunching al fresco in the wild flower-strewn little garden; going into the attic and looking through some slides and old entomology equipment with Geoff  as he answered an enquiry and responded to a loan request; varnished the floor of the new spirit collection store; looking around the museum and meeting the live residents (python, tarantulas, harvest mice–omg, frogs, stick insect, geckos and a bearded dragon)!

Here are some pictured from the day (some are SLR, some are phone – note the difference in quality…).

Tomorrow I shall hopefully have some Chapman-related information.  Until then I am relaxing at my Nana’s. Nice.

Any thoughts?

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