General Tasks and Transferable Skills

In addition to my natural history curatorial training I am required to take part in some of the more general (or, transferable) tasks that will stand me in good stead for a career in museums.  This takes me to the museum on occasion. Last week involved a couple of these.

The library is located in the same building as the museum and they recently received a variety of books and maps that they did not need.  They got in touch with the curators at the Resource Centre and I accompanied them to see if there was anything that we could use in the collection.

After that, Sarah, David and I set about emptying the 20th Century Herefordshire display in the museum itself.  There is a new, large display case coming over from the cathedral which replace the existing one.  Before that happens, the objects need to be removed, suitably stored, ready for being put into the new case.  Each object has to be carefully handled (with gloves) and packed away in inert tissue and padded out to ensure no damage can occur.


Any thoughts?

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