“Is it a bird?”

This is just a quick update about the birds that I’ve been working with in Hereford.  I finished mounting the remaining specimens onto plastazote to prevent them from rolling about in the drawers and getting damaged. Here are some pictures:

I also spent some time reading through the card catalogue to get more familiar with the birds, as well as the eggs.  When documenting the egg collection, for example, we have to duplicate any details we add to the existing record cards as well create duplicates for each new card we create.  There’s a record chard shown below to show you an example.

As I was going through the cards to identify which ones need to be duplicated I found an entry for an egg ‘found’ (ahem) somewhere I’m very surprised about.  Although it seems likely that whoever collected the egg was there legitimately, it seems rather brave to steal a royal egg!

I’ve spent many hours watching the oystercatchers at Balmoral and feel a bit funny knowing someone stole one of their eggs so long ago. Weird.

Any thoughts?

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