“…the exhibition: a way of awakening intelligent interest…”

I’m still working towards finishing the exhibition I’m putting together for the new Shrewsbury museum.  See one of my earlier posts for more information: here and here.  Before I presented my talk to the Friends of Ludlow Museum, I presented it to the team that are working on the museum in Shrewsbury.  I used it as a sort of update on what I’d designed for my display which covered the aims and background of the project, as well as outlining the themes I’m including in the display.

I’m glad to say that it went really well and the team liked my talk.  They are interested in using the aims that I outlined as the structure for some of the panels in the museum.  They were also impressed with my Prezi presentation and asked if I would be interested in using it as an audio-visual element in the display itself.  This was very eggy.

The stage I am at currently is to go through my Prezi and supplement the information so that it makes sense and is comprehensive, since it was originally designed as mainly a visual tool.  I also need to swap the images for some which are free of copyright or apply specifically to Shropshire’s collections.  I have started this and you can see the progress I’ve made here.

In addition to this aspect of the project, I have also started to mock up one of the display cases.  I measured out an area to represent the dimensions of one of the cases I’ll be filling.  Then I went into the natural history store with the list of objects I made months ago and proceeded to check them out and transfer them to the lab.  Once there I played with their layout a little.  Below are some photographs of my first attempt.  This is a work in progress and one that I will be blogging about in more depth soon.

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