The End…or The Beginning?

It’s been more than a while since I last blogged. There are a few reasons for this which I will explain now.

The twelve month traineeship that this blog was meant to document came to an end on the 6th March 2012. It had been a fascinating year with some amazing experiences and great learning opportunities and I met a lot of brilliant people. In the lead-up to the end I was so busy finishing projects, looking and applying for jobs and generally ‘sorting things out’ that I had to let my blog rest for a while. That rest continued as I was very lucky and offered a temporary extension at Hereford Museum & Learning Resource Centre in a documentation assistant (in a trainee capacity). That has been a learning curve and I’m really enjoying it but again took up all of my time initially (as well as my brain power) leaving little room for blogging.

Now that I have got to grips with the database and the task at hand (and it’s well underway), I am excited to get blogging again. I have been involved in a few other (exciting) things which will be discussed on this very blog soon. To mark the end of my official traineeship and the beginning of my temporary extension, I have refurbished my blog and given it a new look. I feel like I’ve ‘graduated’ and needed something to represent that. I hope you all like it as much as I do and I look forward to sharing the next of my journey with you all. Hopefully this will not only involve interesting activities and photos but also jobs and exciting career developments. Well, we’ll see…

In order to cheer up this really boring blog entry, here are some images of the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs:

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