Thomas Algernon Chapman: Project Overview

I have collected a lot of information about “The Doctor”, T. A. Chapman and have taken a lot of photos of his collections and old stomping grounds. This work has culminated in an online resource for people to look at. There’s not a whole lot of actual information in it (I have a bulging folder full of  his journals, articles, biography and obituary in Hereford Museum Resource & Learning Centre) but I wanted a way to share the bare bones of the project with anyone interested in it as well as those that provided a lot of the content. (Previous blog posts about this can be found in this post.)

Check out the Prezi below to see the images (the photos are all mine but the copyright belongs to the various institutions) and details of the marvelous Dr. Thomas Algernon Chapman. I’m really excited about everyone seeing this. Just click on the dark arrow below and you can keep clicking that to cycle through the pathway of information or you can click and drag to move your way around and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Clicking on any image or frame will zoom directly into it (just scroll out to zoom out or click the arrow to move on). If you click on “More” you can press “fullscreen” and you’ll be able to read the information much better. I hope you find this useful and interesting. If not, I’ve wasted a lot of time! I’m keen to receive comments.


Any thoughts?

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