#MWXX – my Top 12. A wrap up

Last month I was lucky enough to visit LA for the Museums and the Web #MWXX conference. It was an intense and interesting week, filled with museum visits, talks, workshops and meeting some great people from all over the world. I presented a talk myself, albeit a 7-minute long Lightning Talk, about #MuseumInstaSwap, the Instagram project a few of us did last year.

This is a wrap up of the conference by Lynda Kelly, who kindly mentions my talk as one of her highlights. One of mine was meeting Lynda, so I’m very happy to be listed in eighth in her top 12.

Museums | Digital | Research | Learning

MWXX 1 #winteriscoming @labreatarpits

I seem to have a theme for reporting back from conferences – a Top 12! Having attended the recent twentieth Museum and the Web Conference in LA and coming back full of ideas and inspiration here’s the Top 12 picks that I will report on at today’s @ANMMuseum #BBL (our Brown Bag Lunch PD sessions for those not in the know).

#MWXX_1 MOOC workshop and talk – I’ve long felt that MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) will shake up the way higher education is delivered, but up until this stage was questioning how these might work for museums in a sustainable way. Attending the workshop run by @debhowes opened my eyes to a platform and process that could make this a reality. Ross Parry, et al’s paper, Why MOOCs matter: the consequence of Massive Open Online Courses for museums, universities and their publics, gave great insights into MOOCs…

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