My Week at the Natural History Museum – Day Five: Mineralogy

My final day at the NHM was only a brief morning.  We met Peter Tandy who showed us around the Victorian mineral gallery, pointing out how old the various fixtures were.  Most had been there since that part of the museum was built and opened.  The specimens on view now are virtually the same as […]

My Week at the Natural History Museum – Day Four: Entomology

Thursday was the penultimate day at the NHM and was spent by visiting the entomology department.  Although technically within zoology (whose collection already boasts an estimated 29 million specimens), entomology is so big all by itself that they have been split.  The collections of insects, arachnids and myriapods comprise over 28 million specimens.  Although a […]

My Week at the Natural History Museum – Day Three: Botany

Wednesday at the Natural History Museum was spent in the botany department.  This is the one department I had never visited during my time at the NHM and I was intrigued to see behind the scenes. First we were shown around the old (and now empty) botany collection area (soon to be reclaimed gallery space).  […]

My Week at the Natural History Museum – Day Two: Palaeontology

Tuesday was palaeo.  I was very excited because this is the area of biology that has always grabbed me more than any other (and that’s saying something).  Although I have volunteered in palaeo, getting a guided tour around it as well as some curatorial work experience was amazing. Day two began with us meeting Lil […]

My Week at the Natural History Museum – Day One: Zoology

Last week I was lucky enough to go back to the Natural History Museum (NHM) where I had already spent over three years working in the bookshop and volunteering in the science departments.  I was very excited as it meant that not only could I obtain a more comprehensive insight into the museum but I […]

NHM, London: Specialism Week (Mammals)

Last week I headed to London for the second time as part of my traineeship (the first being back in May).  That first week was a general overview of the different departments at the museum, whereas this one was more specialised.  I was originally hoping to work in the vertebrate palaeo department (since that is a love […]