Berlin, Day Five: Mammalia – Säugetiere Sammlung (Mammals)

Monday was my final day at the natural history museum in Berlin.  It had been a fantastic week and I had a weekend full of sightseeing and walking and visiting interesting places in the city.  It’s a beautiful place and I recommend it to anyone with an interest in culture, museums, history, architecture, shopping, good […]

Berlin, Day Four: Arachnida & Myriapoda and Ichthyologie Sammlung

My penultimate day at the museum was an ad hoc one.  Luckily it worked out really well and I had one of the best days of the week.  I was handed over to Anja who is on the arachnid & myriapod collection team.  Her boss, Jason Dunlop, is from the UK and has been working […]

Berlin, Day Three: Paläontologische Sammlung (Palaeontology)

On my third day in Berlin, I was unsure exactly what I would be doing.  My contact there had told me only palaeo was an option and that I’d find out on the day.  Unfortunately most of the department were at a conference out of town, with only a skeleton crew left at the museum […]

Berlin, Day Two: Vermes Sammlung (Worms)

So, day two at the Berlin Museum für Naturkunde.  After the first day spent walking around the museum, as well as walking around the city in the evening, I was very tired.  Luckily the prospect of seeing another department was galvanising and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in again. For my second day I […]

Berlin, Day One: Ornithologische Sammlung (Birds)

I have been waiting for months to visit the Museum fur Naturkunde in the German capital and Tuesday was my first day.  I was met in the morning by Jürgen Fiebig, the preparator of the ornithology department.  His job title, as I found out, is taxidermist.  He is part of a team of five who […]

“As you lecture, you keep watching the faces…”

September and October have been very busy months; apologies for not posting as often as I should have.  The last six weeks were spent (as many of you know) between Berlin, London and Brighton.  As soon as I got back I had a lot of work to catch up on, as well as document and […]