Using Instagram to Incorporate Visitor Reactions

A project we started at Wellcome Collection, without much of an idea of how successful it would be, really captured Hannah Hethmon’s imagination.

It’s wonderful for a participatory project to be received well, but for someone to really get the point and motivation is great. Enjoy Hannah’s post about our #MuseumFeels project below.

H. Hethmon Consulting

I’m currently on holiday in London for two weeks. Of course, as a DC native living in Nashville, I miss the capital’s near-infinite supply of museums, so I’m doing my best to see as many of London’s amazing free museums as possible. While most of the larger institutions (Tate, British Museum, National Gallery, etc.) could easily merit a few dedicated days, the only museum that I’ve visited more than once so far is the Wellcome Collection.

This place is so delightfully unique. Billing themselves as the “free visitor destination for the incurably curious,” the Wellcome Collection is built around the over one million objects collected by Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome (1853-1936). Particularly during the last part of his life, Wellcome obsessively collected objects from all over the world relating to life, death, birth, and medicine. While all these objects could easily form an interesting set of galleries in an average…

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