Manchester: Talks, Tours and ‘Troductions

My fellow trainees and I visited Manchester last week where we met with each other’s line managers and mentors as well as the traineeship organisers and funders.  It was a chance for us all to get to know each other a bit more (especially as we hadn’t met Jemma, the ceramics trainee) and also let everyone know how we’re getting on.

We all presented a short talk about the traineeship so far and what we had been getting up to.  It went well for all of us but unfortunately the room was riddled with huge windows, no blinds, it was a sunny day and therefore none of our images were particularly visible.  Since my talk was centred on a few select images I was a little disappointed.  It looks like I will get to present the talk again to a different audience, hopefully in a better space.

I enjoyed the other talks and we also got a tour around the stores by Henry McGhie (who happens to be my mentor).  I met him for the first time and am happy to say that it was a pleasure.  Gina, who is the trainee based at Manchester, also showed us a few of the things she is working on: some lovely insects that have to be seen to be believed. Thanks, Gina!

Here are a few images from Manchester (which, incidentally, is a lovely city).


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    • I love them too. Stan is, yes, but Sue is crazy famous. The very public court case went on for years and she eventually cost the Field Museum in Chicago $8 million! I haven’t seen Sue in real life but from pictures I’d say Stan is much prettier (eek).

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