Caring for Botanical Collections; NMW, Cardiff 2012

I was able to attend the above NatSCA course last week just outside Cardiff. Seeing as I haven’t had much botanical training but I’ve put a lot of work into amalgamating Ludlow and Shrewsbury’s  herbaria, I thought it would be a great chance to learn a few skills that I can apply to that project and in the future. It was also nice to attend a course so close to home.

The first part of the day was spent listening to Vicky Purewal (National Museums Wales) and Donna Young (World Museum Liverpool) as they discussed what a herbarium is and how they came about, what they are used for now, how to sort and store a herbarium, damage that can occur and how, acquiring a collection, considerations regarding loans, how much keeping a herbarium can cost, pest management and the various methods used to mount specimens to sheets.

After lunch we had a practical session in the afternoon where we watched Vicky mount a specimen before we had a go ourselves.

Any thoughts?

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